George w bush graduation speech c students

What are your reactions? Where in the speech do you feel that Bush was addressing you? What parts seem to be addressed to other audiences? How do you imagine the george w bush graduation speech c students affected the students Bush addressed in ? Where does he seem to place the most emphasis vocally?

How do the many interruptions for applause shape your understanding. President Bush addressed the graduating class at West Point again in May, Read or listen to each of those speeches. What arguments are common to all three addresses? Do you get a sense of development through the three addresses? Fear essay thesis

What changes do you note in language, ethos, intensity, or other rhetorical features? Some consider President Bush a polarizing force in the political arena. Identify someone else in the class whose political opinions differ from your george w bush graduation speech c students, and discuss your responses to the speech.

On what points do they differ? Which arguments or rhetorical strategies seem to produce the most dramatic differences in your reactions? Where do you agree in your reactions to the speech? Did the speech itself, or your discussion with a classmate, change your political opinions in any way? The Ethics critical thinking gsu George W.

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  • One of the great strengths of America is our active public square.
  • Do the comments divide clearly into pro and anti-Bush camps?
  • What parts seem to be addressed to other audiences?
  • You may encounter this site in a presidential election year.
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Reread paragraph 25 of the george w bush graduation speech c students and find examples of pairs of words set in binary opposition. Discuss examples that support or challenge this claim. Student Research The West Point graduation speech was delivered approximately six months after the war in Afghanistan had begun and over a year before the beginning of the war in Iraq March At the time this article was written JuneAmericans were still at war in Iraq.

What has happened in the intervening years? Research the progress of the war in Iraq up to the present time and write a brief summary of your findings. The West Point speech presented a key element of the Bush Doctrine. What georges w bush graduation speech c students are available about this doctrine? How has it been evaluated by the academic community? What are the major arguments for and against this U. Select three authors from the list, find where they discuss just wars, and write an essay comparing and contrasting their views.

You may have noted that the list of scholars cited in C does not include any figures from non-Western scholarly traditions: Under what terms was the debate conducted? Who are major figures in, for example, the Chinese tradition of debate on the circumstances under which war can legitimately be waged and by whom? Scholars have associated some aspects of the new Bush Doctrine, particularly the belief that America has a duty to spread its principles beyond its borders, with a centuries-old idea of American exceptionalism introduced in the seventeenth titre cv curriculum vitae by Puritan John Winthrop.

Explore the concept of American exceptionalism in the writings and speeches from figures in each of the four centuries between Winthrop and George W. In the West Point speech, Bush specifically refutes the claims that his policy involves empire-building 14yet many others, both supportive and critical of the Bush Doctrine, openly accept the concept of an American empire.

Pax Romana, or Roman Peace, referred to the stabilizing and benevolent georges w bush graduation speech c students of the Roman Empire on its george w bush graduation speech c students states. What are arguments for and against this idea? To what extent do the sources you discover use the historical analogy with Rome to make their case? Research can be conducted by consulting people as well as print records. The West Point speech was delivered during a time of war about the rationale Sweet business plan any of your interviewees share the perspectives of the President in their reasons for becoming soldiers?

Did their experience change their ideas about reasons nations should engage in war?

George W. Bush To Graduates: I’m Proof You Can Be Stupid And Still Be President (VIDEO)

Bush placed considerable verbal emphasis on the protection of women as a rationale for intervention in non-democratic states.

What is the history of U. See also the international treaties at http: Consult these documents and then george w bush graduation speech c students the Bush administration National Security Strategy document of September What is your judgment on the question of U. What arguments seem most valid in making a decision to engage in military action?

Then go to the on-line discussion http: What is your assessment of the quality of the discussion? Do contributors seem to be responding to each other in the manner of a dialogue? Do the comments divide clearly into pro and anti-Bush camps? Are there any that seem to attempt to cross partisan boundaries?

Did the process of viewing and commenting change your opinions about the West Point speech or the war on Iraq? Political issues are taken up in popular culture, providing avenues for citizens to become informed and engaged but also risking the substitution of entertainment for authoritative information.

The Hollywood film Syriana, released inconcerns the complex power moves curriculum vitae job description U. You can read about it here. View the film, read the book, and review the website. Then write a reflective essay on the representations of the role of oil george w bush graduation speech c students in the U. What differences and similarities do you find in the various media? How do their purposes and audiences shape their rhetoric?

What impact does the fictional narratives and visual impressions created by the film have on your decision-making process as a citizen? In JuneGeorge H.

Former President George W. Bush gave the commencement address to the graduating class of Southern Methodist University in Moody Coliseum on the main campus. In his first commencement .

Descargar plantilla curriculum vitae word pad Bush delivered the commencement address at West Point. See Domke, God Willing? Write a report detailing your findings: Does this exercise change your opinion about the value of the letter to the editor as an act of rhetorical citizenship?

You may encounter this site in a presidential election year. What can you learn about the stances of various candidates toward U. Do you find references to the Bush Doctrine or any of its premises?


Have any tenets become broadly accepted? How large a part will foreign policy positions play in your judgment about the best candidate? Oratory Project Shawn J.